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We're on an Endeavor to Help Equines & Educate Equestrians

As an equine scientist and veterinary student, I host monthly webinars exploring all body systems of the horse. I truly believe that the best approach to supporting the health, well-being, and training of our horses is through a holistic, educated approach that empowers horse owners to have confidence in their knowledge and abilities to provide the best care for their horse.

  • Monthly Webinars

    Whether you are interested in learning about common ailments of the horse such as colic and laminitis, how to best manage your horse as a new horse owner, or you would like to learn practical skills, joining our community of monthly webinar attendees gives you access to hours of educational content.

  • Personalized Sessions

    Have a specific topic you'd like to discuss that is not scheduled for a monthly webinar, or have specific questions in regards to the management of your own horse? Personalized sessions allow for a unique one-on-one lesson on a topic of your choosing.

  • Continued Education

    Being an educator is perhaps my greatest passion. With additional educational material available via my social media pages and blog, there are options available for everyone interested. Owners may also purchase my digital products to further their education.

Shop Our Digital Products

Our illustrations and worksheets are the perfect educational tool for riding instructors to share with their students, for horse owners and enthusiasts to learn more about equine and human anatomy, or for the pre-veterinary/veterinary students to study. 

Each product in the series includes a full color and labeled PDF, a blank worksheet, and a worksheet + word bank.

Hi, I'm Lauren


Equine Endeavor has been a true labor of love. What began as a blog evolved into a lesson and training business, then a bodywork business, and is now an avenue for me to work alongside equestrians with a dream of providing quality education in equine science. Join my endeavor to help our horses through the power of knowledge, together.