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We're on an Endeavor to Help Equines & Educate Equestrians

We provide equine sports massage to the horses of Dixon and Woodland, California. Some modalities we use include trigger point therapy, fascial manipulation techniques, and postural exercises.

  • Individualized Approach

    No two horses are the same. Whether you regularly compete or have a retired horse, we evaluate each horse and work with you on your specific goals.

  • Specialized Modalities

    Our equine massage sessions aren't limited to specific modalities. In one session, we may combine trigger point therapy, fascial manipulation techniques, and postural exercises, depending on what your horse needs most.

  • Owner Education

    Our favorite part about working with our clients is educating them throughout the process. We will deliver comprehensive session reports and give you exercises and tools to use between sessions. Owners may also purchase our Digital products to further their education.

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Our illustrations and worksheets are the perfect educational tool for riding instructors to share with their students, for horse owners and enthusiasts to learn more about equine and human anatomy, or for the pre-veterinary/veterinary students to study. 

Each product in the series includes a full color and labeled PDF, a blank worksheet, and a worksheet + word bank.

Hey, I'm Lauren


I started Equine Endeavor to not only help horses through equine sports massage, but to work with horse owners and professionals to educate them on equine anatomy. Join my endeavor to help our horses through the power of knowledge, together.